Monday, October 15, 2007

Playing TAG

Why, Jess Ferguson, you sneaky little bugger. You would pull a TAG like this to get me back on the blogging ball again. Well, I guess I should thank you because I needed to update long before now. So, I guess I’m supposed to tell where I was and what I was doing 10, 20, and 30 years ago. Shoot, you’re really testing my memory cells. Ummm…all right, here we go…

10 years ago – I had been married almost nine years and our sons were ages 5 and 3. My oldest going off to school. Yep, that’s a memory of ripping out my heart and stomping all over it that I’d rather forget. But we both survived. (grin) Writing was barely a gleam of an idea, especially novels. I think I had just started writing children’s devotions for an online ministry or at the very least been in the discussion phase of the endeavor.

20 years ago – Goodness, this seems forever ago. Makes me scared of moving on to 30 years ago. Let’s see…I hadn’t yet met my future husband. That would be a few months down the road. I was working in the payroll department for a title company near uptown Houston. Man, what to say about this time. Not much. My life basically consisted of working, eating, and sleeping and attending church on Sundays. I lived with my oldest sister at this time while her husband’s job sent him to Virginia for a while. Or maybe it was Georgia. Can’t recall for certain. Anyway, it was my sister’s best friend who would introduce me to my future husband. That’s when life got interesting.

30 years ago – Ye gads. This TAG is making me feel old. Thanks a lot, Jess. (kidding) Thirty years ago I was still such a young whipper snapper. LOL. Still attending school at Granada-Huntley High School in Minnesota. Playing basketball and running in track kept me busy. Oh, and my grades were pretty good too. (grin) Not much to say beyond that. Ya’ll remember high school, right? Education and friendships. Great stuff. But you couldn’t PAY me to go back there and do it again.

Well, that's about it. Hey! STOP YAWNING!