Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Deer

I had an amazing morning and just have to share. I was out in one of our fields and it was so foggy I could hardly see a thing. As the fog lifted and I was leaving, I looked out across the field and noticed some shapes that looked like deer. I immediately squatted down. For a good twenty minutes, I watched as six bucks pranced and played their deer games.
No, that isn't a picture of the deer I saw, though I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera. But for some reason, I can only think of it as a blessing, those deer started wandering my direction. About fifty yards away, they finally noticed me. Curious, they continued closer, hesitant, their heads bobbing up and down and side to side trying to get a better look at me and see if I was friend or foe. About 35 to 40 yards away, they stopped and eyed me for a good five minutes before the biggest of the bucks snorted, making them all run off. Though my legs were asleep and the tingling was awful as the blood once again surged when I stood, I wouldn't have traded my morning for anything. Our God of all creation gave me a scene I'll never forget.