Thursday, July 26, 2007


Or any other ad campaign that applies.

I’ve recently started writing again. No, it wasn’t a planned absence or even a wanted one. How many times have we all said, “Just wait till summer. I’ll have tons of time to write,” only to have those months become so busy, you wonder if you found time to sleep?

So anyway, things have finally slowed to where I can actually sit and write again. An addition to a scene came to mind. Cute. I could visualize it so well. I whipped it out and zipped it to my crit group thinking they’d love it. Oh, they loved it all right. Gushed all over it. Blood, that is. It came back RED. Actually, they loved the IDEA of the scene, but my writing left much to be desired.

I’d heard and read many times that we should always find time to write every day. Even if it’s just a little. But we really need to keep our fingers dabbling in some form of writing. Or better yet, dig deep, right up to your elbows and beyond, even if you break or chip a fingernail. Whether it be writing a chapter, a page, a paragraph, or editing, critiquing, or even reading a book in the genre of your current wip, do SOMETHING that’s writing related. No excuses…just DO it. My two month hiatus proved this. I wrote very little during the last two months and it showed in that scene.

It wasn’t long before I saw the parallel to my spiritual life. If we aren’t spending time with our Lord and in His Word on a daily basis, it will begin to show…in our spiritual walk, the way we act, talk, and even feel, the absence will be noticed.

My goal this year is to read through the Bible. I’ve done it in the past, but this year seems especially difficult. I hate to admit it, but sometimes I read just to keep up with the schedule. It’s too hard to get caught up if I get too far behind. But other times, when I didn’t allow distractions, the words really spoke to me. Without a doubt, we have an awesome God.

But the point is, the absence was noticed…by me, and I know God noticed. He wants to be first in our lives. Not just something we have to do when we can fit Him in. Time spent with Him makes the day go so much better. The feeling I get when I manage to finish a ten page chapter in one day is nothing compared to time spent with my heavenly Father.

So, similar to our world of writing, dig into the Word, up to your elbows and beyond. Break a fingernail, get a paper cut. Whatever it takes. Just do it…no excuses. And I promise, you won’t regret it.


Marcia Gruver said...

This one stung a bit because I've laid aside my devotional time twice this week to write. Thanks for the reminder that without Him I labor in vain.

Great post! And well written I might add.

Sandra Robbins said...

Ouch! You hit me right where I needed it. Great post, Janelle. I haven't been reading the Word like I should. Thanks for reminding me where my strength lies.

For someone who took two months off, you certainly wrote this well. And BTW, I'm the slacker who hasn't sent your scene back. Sorry.


Jess said...

You talkin' to me? Hey! you talkin' to me? (Imagine a Robert DeNiro voice) heh heh heh

Anyway, all joking aside...I know exactly what you're saying, Janelle. I took a 10-year break from writing and I was very surprised when I sat back down at my computer. Everyone said it would come back to me, but newsflash! not without re-visiting/re-learning a lot of things. :) As far devotional time, I've been in the NT since January, and when dh got home from Scotland, really started dragging my feet. Last week I reached Revelation. This week I'm still staring at Revelation... trying to force myself to start the book. Jim and I read verses throughout the day, but there's nothing like delving into it on my own. Ohhhhhhh, how I wish I could journal while I read and pray. Why are GOOD habits so much harder to develop than BAD habits?

This was a wonderful heart-felt post - worthy of being pubbed in a newsletter or magazine. :-)